About Us

We excel at personalized solutions

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About Us

We excel at personalized solutions

Thoroughly understanding your needs as an individual, family or business means that we listen with the intention to unearth opportunities. We design a custom financial strategy supported by our team of industry experts.
About Jade E Sheiner - Trusted Investment Advisor in Dorval, Québec
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Our Approach

Every individual, family and business has different needs of varying complexities. We are ready to explore all options and build a personalized strategy to achieve your financial goals.
  • As your go-to expert, we are devoted to finding opportunities to grow your wealth, as we continually assess for risk to protect it.
  • By anticipating everything you will need to reach your goals, we become your personal Investment advisor.
  • Our approach is grounded in our values: communication, transparency, collaboration and performance.

Our Values


We commit our time for important conversations with clients. Every individual deserves proactive and regular communication from our team with detailed, accurate information.


Our team honours and values openness and accountability. We take your trust very seriously and explain what you are paying for and why. We are accountable to the people who place their trust in us and treat others as we would expect to be.


We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding your situation to prepare a customized financial strategy for you. Your portfolio is as unique as your needs are; we match it to your objectives by working closely with you and other professionals.


Your success drives us. Managing your wealth means that we are continually seeking opportunities to grow and protect the financial outcomes for every individual who entrusts us.

“I manage my clients with the same care and attention I would expect for my own family. My interest is genuine; I believe in my clients who, like me, work ambitiously to enjoy a fruitful life.”

- Jade Sheiner

We are focused on building
sincere relationships

We offer nothing less than what
we expect for our own families

Jade Sheiner delivers value through her expertise, commitment and client focus.
Her personal mission is to advise, educate and manage her client’s finances to provide them with opportunities for a financial outcome they may have never known possible.
When she is not creating and protecting wealth for her clients, Jade can be found investing in social passions outdoors or in the country horseback riding.
Jade E Sheiner - Investment Advisor in Dorval, Québec

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